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EWMET F.H.P.U started its activity at the beginning of 2000′ in the commune of Wolbrom area. The first factory was situated in small village- Wierzchowisko. In that period, our major job was servicing the companies which were dealing with creating spoilage (coming from the generative & delivery activities).

Incipiently, EWMET’s acivity was focusing on reception and soilage collating (e.g. waste paper, foil, plastic materials and scrab metal). It was the typical activity for recyclable sorting office. Soilage which we were given was sorting carefully with a proper method for each kind of waste. Afterwards, we provided it to the companies dealing with waste recycling by which we were indentured.

To hold our ground, we had to receive materials from industrial operations or manufacturing processes such as: polyurethane foam and rubber. Initially, we storaged this kind of soilage. But soon after that, we managed to find ready consignees. They were companies producing refuse derived fuel but this business wasn’t rewarding for our us. The cost of delivery to the nearest petrol factories distanced 50 km from EWMENT and storaging the materials overran the proceeds.

At the end of 2005 r. we came up with the idea of creating rubber granules from rubber soilage we had. It was rather fledging and uncommon business in Poland in that period. We build our first incisive mill by trial and error. We started small-scale granule production without determining trade area, marketing and well -organized sale. The main asset of that business was decreasing the storage area. Beforehand, we couldn’t find proper consignees for our materials. But in 2006′ a big company from Katowice which was dealing with producing rubber materials with polyurethane glue (mats, tesseras, sound-proof surface) decided to buy all our rubber granulated products. They also offered to get them constantly.

This infusion let us bury ourselves in our work. In the middle of 2006, we bought two  another incisive mills (made in China) and created selecting and sorting device. Thanks to this, we were able to achieve the needed fraction (1-2,5mm). In spite of new business that we have started we didn?t  leave our sorting activity which was our major job. Additional incomes from new business were invested in the development of our company.

There was mushroom growth of producing sports surfaces in the middle of 2007?. The main component of synthetic surface (playgrounds, fields, tennis courts, tracks,astroturf) was rubber granule. We saw a chance to grow up on the rubber market. Gradually, we left sorting activity but we kept the most profitable part of that business such as: storaging, sorting plastic materials (PA, PET), steely scrap. We found a few suppliers, for whom profit margin and gain were beneficial for us. We took into account logistics issues, mainly delivery by special cars and leding industrial containers. Now that, the market changed we also had to find another legal address. The new localization was in Olkusz Trans-Bud (a typical industrial area).

In 2009 we moved our company to Szyce (situated in commune of Wolbrom and county of Zawiercie). We focused strictly on producing rubber granulate and selling synthetic rubber.  We analysed the market potential and governmental tenders in the period of 2009-14 and decided to extend our activity.Since 2009 EWMET has extended its activity by producing safe surfaces for the governmental project ?RADOSNA SZKOŁA?. We used our experience in producing surfaces with EDPM/ SBR granulate. Up till now, they have been used as safe surfaces which cushion the fall. Soon after,  we innovated additional products based on SBR rubber granulate such as: colourful rims, kerbs, colourful rubber slabs (safe surface), breeding mats and vibration isolating mats. Our products have got appreciation among our clients as we manufacture them with carefulness,  durability and repeatability of colour and size. Because of generating  production and rapid growth better logistics, organization and special supplies were needed.

After 3  next years, we came up with the idea of manufacturing a new product. At the beginning of 2013?, we tried to put elastic surfaces (dedicated to fitness and gyms) on the market. First big usage of our surface was on FITEXPO trade fair in Poznań for fitness and gym. Thanks to this cooperation, many other companies got interested in our products. It turns out that we  came into existence on the market and also became the alternative way for surfaces made in China (low quality and durability) and for more expensive equivalents from the Western Europe.  During further months we were focusing on promoting our standard and last products among European clients. It helped us to interact with both Polish and foreign clients.  The main advantage of our last products (similiarly as in the case of the standard ones) are good quality, precision, huge variety of types  and repeatability.

After that we succeeded, we didn?t rest on our laures we want to achieve further goals. simultaneously, we deal with promotion and introducing new products (elastic plates called ?bumpers? which are dedicated to fitness and various kinds of gym: in- home/standard/commercial gyms and to functional training area- crossfit). Attention of our products is beyond our wildest dreams because of their advantages:  lack of metal elements (we are the only one company in the world that manufactures these products in that way), 100% recycling, sound isolating, durability and lack of rubber smell. Success that we have achieved  in this project makes us more motivated ready for reaching new goals.