Breeding mats

We used our experience in producing safe surface to create special breeding mats. As we only choose the best components and well prepared technics & methods we gain the product of high quality.

Our product is based on SBR granulate thanks to this it is water-permeability. This kind of surface is really comfortable for animals. It isolates from the concrete foundation and cold. It also protect from the bacteria on the ground. This mat is slip-resistant which is very important not only for the animals but also for breeders. Our mats are hygienic, it is easy to clean them what is more, they don’t damp off. The new technics help to waste removal because of the bottom shape which we call „a bar of chocolate”.

Precision of these mats and their weight guarantee stability, safety and reliability for years. Daily cleaning will become much more easier. You only have to sluice out the surface with high- pressured water once a week.

Mats sizes:

  • 500x500x45 mm - squares
  • 1000x1000x25 mm - puzzles and squares
  • 1000x1000x20 mm - puzzles and squares
  • 500x500x35 mm - squares
  • 500x500x60 mm - squares