Rubber plates – Bumpers

The plates are made of 100% rubber granulated products and are descended from lorry tyres (which were unused on roads).

Bumpers are destined for the extreme exploitation. They are resistant to throwing, bending and cracking. The main drawback of bumpers was always mixing metal with rubber. But we succeeded in achieving the structure made only on granulated products.We are the only one company who avoided using metal in our production (with no sleeves and internal reinforcement).

As we are well experienced, we have created a brand new rubber mixture of 82-85 Sha thickness.

All products are made with great precision 1 dkg for each weight.

The set contains 2 plates
(each of the same weight):

  • 15 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg

(100kg totally)


  • 15 kg – 9 cm
  • 5 kg – 3 cm
  • 10 kg – 6 cm
  • 20 kg – 12 cm


  • outside – 45 cm
  • fi inside – 50,5 mm


We offer one-year warranty for these products.