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Our company EWMET has been producing safe surfaces with attestation for over 10 years. We got appreciation from lots of prestigious companies. During 4 last years we have produced surfaces for almost 300 playgrounds.

From the beginning, we wanted to achieve the best quality.

There are some components thanks to which we could reach this goal:

  • EPDM granulate (produced by Geyer & Hosaja)
  • polyurethane glue (by BSG)

Because of the 13-years experience in rubber business, we selected perfect mixture with SBR granulate. It results in surfaces which production succeed among many clients.


Weights and quantity per pallet
Type Weight of 1 tile
SBR / EPDM TILE 500x500x35 mm 8,35 32
SBR / EPDM TILE 500x500x45 mm 9,75 26
SBR / EPDM TILE 500x500x60 mm 12,75 22
SBR / EPDM TILE 500x500x80 mm 13,75 18
SBR / EPDM TILE 500x500x100 mm 16,70 16