Sport surfaces

This product is based on rubber granulates (from recycled tires) which were not used on the roads. It is required by PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) to use it inside buildings. Thanks to this method of using high temperature technique and compressing (400atm), we are able to produce over 12 thousands sqm per month.

In spite of such a big efficiency, we are able to get full duplication. We also keep low-mistake toleration- we do not overcome 1 millimeter (it refers to thickness, wide / height and connections between tiles). We get such accuracy by cutting tiles by „cold-technique” when the tiles get the right size- after cooling off – we cut them by proper knife in a shape of puzzle / square. All the puzzles / squares are cut by the same proper knife – it guarantees a high quality of the accuracy.


Weights and quantity per pallet
Type Weight of 1 tile
Sport surface 1000x1000x10 mm 11,5 84
Sport surface 1000x1000x15 mm 15,5 64
Sport surface 1000x1000x20 mm 20,5 48
Sport surface 1000x1000x25 mm 25,5 38